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A snake bites once, but its picture is used twice – Retraction Watch

A snake bites as soon as, but its picture is used twice – Retraction Watch

through BMC Emergency Medicine

For some individuals, a venomous snake is a venomous snake — and evidently, a few of these individuals embody journal editors.  

The authors of a 2019 case report describing the unlucky case of an African farmer killed by the chunk of a deadly snake have misplaced the article as a result of the mug shot of the reptilian perpetrator didn’t match its description within the paper. 

The paper, “Severe Viperidae envenomation difficult by a state of shock, acute kidney damage, and gangrene presenting late on the emergency division: a case report,” appeared in BMC Emergency Medicine, a Springer Nature title. 

It described the case of a 47-year-old Cameroonian girl who was bitten by the lethal West African carpet viper whereas farming — whose chunk results in extra deaths than all different species of African snake mixed. After first in search of therapy with a neighborhood “traditional healer,” who provided her natural treatments that didn’t enhance her situation, the girl finally was taken to Yaoundé Central Hospital, the place, 10 hours after being admitted — and regardless of the reported administration of three vials of antivenin — she died of the damage. 

According to the paper:

The authors spotlight this uncommon presentation but equally pinpoint how late presentation to the emergency division, dangerous custom practices, poverty and cultural beliefs can adversely have an effect on the prognosis of snakebite in our setting.

The article features a picture of the beheaded snake — see the picture on the prime of this publish — and therein lies the story.

As it occurs, that picture is not of a carpet viper, but of one other fearsome reptile, the black cobra (additionally referred to as the black and white-lipped, or forest, cobra). 

Here’s a carpet viper for comparability: 

Clearly completely different animals — and, for a herpetologist, a bit like a canine specialist mistaking a Doberman for a dachshund. 

Here’s the discover, which additionally factors out one other critical flaw: 

The authors have retracted this case report [1] as a result of the pinnacle of the snake proven in Figure 1 and described as being that of a viper (Echis occellatus) is equivalent to the pinnacle of a snake proven in Figure 1 of a special case report [2] the place it was recognized as being Naja melanoleuca, a member of the Elapidae household. The authors do not need information of the producer and batch numbers of the three vials of anti-venom serum administered to the affected person in [1]. All authors agree with this retraction.

That second paper was:

Tianyi F, Agbor VN, Tochie JN, et al. Community-based audits of snake envenomations in a resource-challenged setting of Cameroon: case collection. BMC Res Notes. 2018;11:317 https://doi.org/10.1186/s13104-018-3409-Three.

We be aware that each journals are revealed by Springer Nature.

We’re hoping that the explanation the sufferer died of the chunk was not as a result of she obtained the improper anti-venin, and that the picture mixup was, properly, post-production. 

We requested the corresponding creator in regards to the discrepancies but haven’t heard again. We additionally sought remark from the journal in regards to the paper but haven’t obtained a response.

Meanwhile, right here’s a reference information to snakes which may turn out to be useful the subsequent time round.

You know what they are saying: Once bitten, twice, properly, one thing.

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