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Alternative Browser ‘Waterfox’ Acquired By System1

Alternative Browser ‘Waterfox’ Acquired By System1

Waterfox is an open-source net browser for x64, ARM64, and PPC64LE methods, “intended to be speedy and ethical, and maintain support for legacy extensions dropped by Firefox, from which it is forked,” in response to Wikipedia. (Its tabs additionally nonetheless have angled sides with rounded corners.)

Friday Waterfox’s unique creator, 24-year-old Alexandros Kontos, introduced that the browser “now has funding and a development team, so Waterfox can finally start to grow!” after its acquisition by an organization known as System1.
I began Waterfox after I was 16. It was a method for me to grasp how massive software program initiatives labored and the Mozilla documentation was an ideal introduction… I’ve touted Waterfox as an moral and privateness pleasant browser… I by no means needed Waterfox to be part of the hyper-privacy neighborhood. It would simply really feel like requirements that will be inconceivable to uphold, particularly for one thing corresponding to an online browser on the web. Throughout the years individuals have all the time requested about Waterfox and privateness, and in the event that they’ve ever needed greater than it might probably afford, I’ve all the time pushed them to make use of Tor. Waterfox was right here for customisations and velocity, with a superb degree of privateness…

I wasn’t doing something with Waterfox besides creating it and making some cash through search. Why I stored going all through the years, I am going to by no means know… System1 has been to Waterfox a search syndication companion. Essentially a approach to have a search engine partnership (corresponding to Bing) is thru them, as a result of corporations corresponding to Microsoft are too huge and too busy to speak to small gamers corresponding to Waterfox… It’s most likely the one simple method a browser can become profitable with out doing something dodgy, and it is a method I have been completely happy to do it with out having to compromise Waterfox (and would be the identical method System1 makes cash from Waterfox — nothing else). People additionally do not appear to grasp what System1 does…
“Now I can finally focus on making Waterfox into a viable alternative to the big browsers,” Kontos concludes.

Long-time Slashdot reader Freshly Exhumed contextualized the information with this temporary historical past of the alternate browser ecosystem: As the utilization share of net browsers continues to indicate a lopsideded dominance by Google Chrome, many previously-independent browsers have fallen by the wayside or have been reinvented as Chrome variants (i.e. Opera, Edge, Brave). Apple forges on with its Safari browser whereas different, smaller initiatives are typically fairly restricted for multi-platform customers, corresponding to Dolphin and Bromite.

Mozilla continues independently with Firefox for nearly each platform, whereas variants corresponding to Pale Moon and Sea Monkey have tried to offer merchandise that keep away from drastic and/or controversial adjustments made by Mozilla however typically don’t match the multi-platform assist of Firefox. Let us not overlook Tor, the Firefox-based anonymity-focused browser.

Alex Kontos is a developer who tried to offer continuity with dropped Firefox capabilities in his multi-platform Waterfox browser, proudly declaring that Firefox’s person information sharing and telemetry assortment was not included. For that privateness focus a sure reputation of Waterfox occurred. Now Kontos has revealed that his Waterfox mission has been offered to System1, an organization describing itself as “a consumer internet and applications company with the most powerful audience expansion platform in the industry.”

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