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Android user x 10 years JUST switched to IOS…… : Android

Android user x 10 years JUST switched to IOS…… : Android

Hi guys,

I do know I will be negged to infinity by posting right here, however thought I would have some distinctive perception into this. About me: late 30’s, skilled with doctorate, contemplate myself very tech savvy. Switched from Galaxy S7 to Iphone XS 1 week in the past.

I have been on Android for the reason that preliminary Galaxy S, and have been a stout supporter for 10 years having discovered the intricacies of the system. Have had the Galaxy S1, S3, and most not too long ago the S7 earlier than simply switching. Initially I cherished the S7, although over the years I’ve observed “bugs” pop up intermittently. Example, generally an app will get up to date and for no matter cause the ringer will not ring. Or the display screen will not auto flip off. Or the bluetooth stops working. Or XYZ… Many of you might be conscious of those small bugs that come up from time to time. Eventually the scenario at all times types itself out, however that may take weeks/months and admittedly, its fairly infuriating. I had been planning to get the upcoming S20 although hit the final straw when, as soon as once more, one among my apps was up to date and my display screen stopped mechanically turning off. I don’t know which app it was, I’ve ~40-50. Anyway, aside from my historical past with Android, I haven’t got any actual allegiance, so in line with an open thoughts, I made a decision to attempt an iphone and bought the Iphone XS one week in the past.

Oh. My. God. This is the cellphone I believed would solely exist a decade or so from now as soon as Android will get extra superior and works out lots of its kinks. I hate to say it, Apple was completely spot on with their slogan “it just works”. It does! I can do nearly the whole lot on the XS that I wished to do in Android although it takes much less steps and is usually much less complicated. The expertise is so clean and intuitive, like its workflow paths had been made to preserve issues elegantly easy with satisfying fast animations. The apps are unimaginable and really feel like extra of an extension of the underlying iOS system than android the place the apps felt like unbiased applications sitting on an Android kernal. I’ve come to understand that Apple’s “walled garden” that has been a detrimental level is definitely a blessing. Each app has been curated to work properly and seamlessly with IOS, with the resultant high quality feeling constantly distinctive. This is in stark distinction to the final 10 years on Android the place most of the apps felt poorly designed and buggy. Speed sensible, I am unable to evaluate as I had an S7, however jesus, this actually appears like a cellphone from the longer term!

I do miss among the customization (display screen notifications, ringer choices, launcher) , although the positives of iOS’s different attributes vastly outweigh the dearth of customization. Not a lot else to say concerning issues I miss.

My preliminary motive for switching was the dearth of apps “playing well together”. The consequence is that I can actually say after per week with the XS, iOS feels lightyears forward of Android. My inital goal achieved by being in Apple’s curated system with apps that will not interdependently glitch, although I’ve found the whole iOS expertise is eye openingly clean and intuitive. I suppose it may be chalked up to “you don’t know what you don’t know” whereas I used to be with Android. Anyway, simply thought I would give this sincere and unbiased opinion from a very long time Android energy user. At this level, I am unable to see myself ever going again to Android (although maybe we’ll see with Fuschia??).

*BTW I purchased the XS on Ebay for $560 (like new situation and 95% battery well being), cellphone seems model new.

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