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Facebook’s new design turns your PC into an enormous phone

Facebook’s new design turns your PC into an enormous phone

The new design does at least include a dark mode. I generally prefer bright layouts, but if you have a bad habit of Facebooking in bed late at night, this is less likely to prevent sleepiness.
Enlarge / The new design does no less than embrace a darkish mode. I usually desire brilliant layouts, however when you’ve got a nasty behavior of Facebooking in mattress late at evening, that is much less prone to forestall sleepiness.

Jim Salter

Sometime final evening, Facebook’s new design structure rolled out to my private account. It assured me that I may change again if I did not prefer it, so I instantly tried it out. I simply as instantly switched it off and by no means appeared again. At least, I by no means appeared again till this afternoon, when the powers that be at Ars mentioned—and I quote—”feel free to hate review it, if you want.”

I’m a skilled if nothing else, so this isn’t a hate assessment. But I need to admit it is a “visceral dislike” assessment, and maybe some readers will admire—or no less than not thoughts—the issues that flip me off so strongly in regards to the new structure.

If you want panorama looking on a smartphone, you’ll just like the new Facebook

I do the vast majority of my Facebook looking on a desktop PC—a critical desktop PC, for critical folks, with twin 24″ displays in 1080P. I strongly dislike layouts that current me with much less data and waste a ton of actual property, and Facebook’s new structure does precisely that, in spades.

The outdated Facebook structure usually suits no less than two or three posts per web page, no less than when you scroll previous the large Stories banner. It additionally lets you hold a number of Facebook Messenger chats open, in separate floating divs on the backside of the display.

Once you turn to the new Facebook structure, the primary, overwhelming impression is one in all supreme embiggenment. The textual content sizes are bigger, the weather are extra extensively spaced, and little or no suits on the display directly.

The Stories banner is, fortunately, much less obnoxiously enormous than it was on the outdated structure. That’s a matter of sheer necessity, sadly; it has to be smaller with the intention to match even half of a publish beneath it on the new scale of issues. I used to be unable to discover a single pair of posts on my timeline that will match on one web page beneath the new structure—and no less than half of them have been no less than two pages tall, all by themselves.

The Messenger performance can be diminished, with solely a single chat seen at anyone time. If you click on one other contact or group on your contacts record, your present chat disappears, to get replaced with the new one.

Notifications are much less clunky

There is not a lot that I like in regards to the new structure, and there is fairly a bit that I detest. I’ll say that the new notification record is good, although. The outdated notifications record simply type of sprawled over no matter elements of the web page it occurred to land on, principally making the entire thing ineffective whereas notifications are seen. In the new structure, the notification space is pinned all the best way to the proper, leaving posts uncovered.

In the new design, you may also proceed to scroll, browse, and touch upon posts in your feed whereas Notifications are up and pinned to the far proper. Messages, sadly, are lined—and also you solely get a single message seen within the new structure, whether or not the notification record is overlaying it or not. So you may want to shut the notifications if you wish to chat with your pals—and it is significantly tougher to speak with a number of pals concurrently, since just one message could be seen at a time.


I believe that this new structure—very similar to the auto-moderator bug that started pseudo-randomly consuming legitimate information posts this week—is one other occasion of CEO and founder Mark Zuckerberg’s well-known motto, “Move fast and break things.”

The design seems like what occurs if you attempt to unify a structure codebase between phone-based apps and the desktop web site however do not hassle with a lot in the best way of validation or solicitation of person suggestions. The new design might be right here to remain and can finally supplant the present model of “classic” completely—however I actually hope it sees some extra refinement first. Until then, I will be sticking with the outdated structure.

The Good

  • Now with darkish mode!
  • The notifications record is a lot better pinned to the far proper as a substitute of occupying roughly the third fifth from the left
  • Switching to the new structure and again once more is instantaneous and simple
  • Within the new structure, switching darkish mode on and off once more is equally fast and simple

The Bad

  • Only one publish on the display at a time. Or much less—normally, much less.
  • Only one message on the display at a time—irrespective of how excessive your decision.

The Ugly

  • Huge textual content is big
  • Wasted area is wasted
  • The structure itself, principally

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