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How To Become A Centaur – Mind Hacks

How To Become A Centaur – Mind Hacks

Nicky Case (of Explorable Explanations and Parable of the Polygons web fame) has a unbelievable essay which picks up on the theme of my final Cyberselves put up – know-how as companion, not competitor.

In How To Become A Centaur Case offers blitz historical past of AI, and of its lesser identified cousin IA – Intelligence Augmentation. The perception that digital know-how might be a a ‘bicycle for the mind’ (Steve Jobs’ quote) gave us the trendy pc, as proven within the 1968 Mother of All Demos which launched the world to the mouse, hypertext, video conferencing and collaborative working. (1968 individuals! 1968! As Case notes, 44 years earlier than google docs, 35 years earlier than skype).

We’re residing on the planet made potential by Englebart’s demo. Digital instruments, from mere telephones to the distant presence they allow, or the distant motion that robots are certainly going to make extra widespread, and as Case says:

a software doesn’t “just” make one thing simpler — it permits for brand spanking new, previously-impossible methods of pondering, of residing, of being.

And the important perception is that the longer term will depend on figuring out the strengths and weak spot of pure and synthetic cognition, and determining the way to harness them collectively. Case once more:

When you create a Human+AI workforce, the laborious half isn’t the “AI”. It isn’t even the “Human”.

It’s the “+”.

The article is just too good to attempt to summarise. Read the full textual content right here

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