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I was targeted with a SIM-Swap Attack last night, I think I survived it (possibly related to the Gatehub hack) : Bitcoin

I was targeted with a SIM-Swap Attack last night time, I think I survived it (presumably related to the Gatehub hack) : Bitcoin

It’s 10 pm, I am watching BTC pump like a beast. Out of the blue, I get three consecutive textual content messages. Recovery code for yahoo, restoration key for Abra, And a Third one I wont title “No it’s not Coinbase :)”.

All sorts of alarms went off in my head, I examine my yahoo and my Abra account. All is nice. No suspicious exercise. I think to myself possibly somebody is attempting to brute pressure his method into these accounts. I begin altering passwords.

~20 minutes later, My spouse calls me. On Facebook not the cellphone. she asks me whats improper with my cellphone and if I had misplaced it as a result of she tried to name me and could not attain me. And that she obtained an SMS on her cellphone saying my SIM card was reactivated or some shit like that. I look at my cellphone an certain sufficient, I do not have service.

At this level I realized I was being hacked, My physique went numb and my coronary heart skipped a few beats, I froze for a sec then I promptly requested my spouse to name T-Mobile and ask them to disable the SIM-Card whereas I login to each certainly one of my helpful accounts and lock/freeze them.

A couple of minutes in and I am on Coinbase account and I transfer my BTC’s to the vault (which might lock them for 48 hours if somebody tries to withdraw them and would require a Co-Signer to totally launch them) after which I head to the safety settings to take away the cellphone quantity simply incase. So I click on the place it says “Text message” and the place it reveals the cellphone # and it requested for my 2FA so I copy it and click on Confirm and the subsequent factor I know, My 2FA technique is now utilizing Text message as an alternative of Google Authenticator and I realized that I had made a huge mistake and principally gave my cash to the scumbag attacking me o_O

Yes I did that, Accidentally!! Idk what it is, Pure adrenaline, stupidity or simply paralyzing worry however it occurred and I shot myself in the foot whereas attempting to save my life lol.

So now I am freaking out much more so I soar on google sort “coinbase I am being hacked” or some shit like that, I click on the first hyperlink that seems. It takes me to a coinbase.com extension web page that had a ton of textual content on it however the solely factor I learn was the textual content highlighted in purple “You will have to re-verify your identity to access the account again” or some shit like that. So I click on it. Boom… I am locked out of my very own account and so is the attacker yay 🙂I by no means did discover the hyperlink to that web page btw. I looked for it a lot and might’t discover it and don’t know what it was or what I typed in google to discover it so if somebody is aware of what that web page is please submit it in the feedback in order that others can have entry to it if ever wanted.~eight minutes after I initiated operation lock down my spouse calls again to give me the excellent news, SIM-Card efficiently disabled. I undergo a holly fucking shit that is a aid second then recompose myself and full operation lock down all the method till principally I am locked out of each helpful account I personal.

All in all the attacker had a good ~25 minutes of unrestricted entry to my cellphone quantity and he used this time to try to reset a yahoo, Abra and Coinbase accounts.

However, We crashed his social gathering and reduce it quick once we disabled the SIM-Card. We did it simply in time too as a result of I am sure, 5 extra minutes and I would have been toasted and roasted and I could be darn shut to being broke (too invested in crypto). The Abra account I know for certain I misplaced, But nothing else so far as I can inform.

T-Mobile acted shocked of-course and stated they might “investigate this”, And the police had been like “You didn’t lose any money so, We ain’t doing shit until some is stolen”.

Now right here I am 48 hours with barely 6 hours of sleep obsessing over how can this occur, How is it potential. How did he know to goal me and the way did he know a lot about me to pull this off.

Several eventualities got here to thoughts however all of them require a nice deal of ability and affect and are a bit far fetched, Except for this last one that I stumbled upon in the last 2 hours.

Avast Security

This is a display screen shot from the avast safety app and it reveals that the main E-Mail that I use was compromised/leaked greater than as soon as, However the most up-to-date one is the one which caught my consideration. Fucking Gatehub.

I now keep in mind that was silly sufficient to register an account with them, Fully verified. Full authorized title, Email, Phone #, Proof of residence, And even copies of my drivers license 🙁

And that is greater than sufficient for the attacker to pull this off and carry a efficiently hack. He solely wants to impersonate me when calling T-Mobile or have an inside man that works at T-Mobil. The solely variable that he did not have management of is how briskly I discover and react to the hack to try to cease it.

Now please forgive me for the horrible format and poor story telling expertise as a result of I have been up for two days now performing on solely 5 hours of sleep last night time, I spent all of this time to Change passwords and revamp my safety. This is a nightmare and it virtually ruined my life. But the necessary factor is to inform my story and warn you guys to Take Steps shield yourselves as a result of it is a actual menace and you do not think YOU might be subsequent till it occurs to you.

I think I dodged a bullet (extra like a tank shill), But I will not know for certain till I take again full management over my locked accounts.

Finally, Here is a few issues you are able to do to shield yourselves.

  1. If you ever used Gatehub, Assume that your information was leaked too and it is now in the arms of dangerous actors. Don’t use that Email tackle of cellphone # that you just used to register on Gatehub on any helpful accounts that you do not need to lose and take away them from any present accounts.

  2. Contact your cell service supplier and set up a PIN or Administrative Block, And go away particular directions not to enable any adjustments to the account over the cellphone/Internet until you go to the retailer and present some type of ID.

  3. Step #2 wont 100% shield you if whoever needs to assault you has an inside man, So by no means use your cellphone # as a restoration technique for necessary/Valuable accounts. If SMS is the solely restoration/2FA technique accessible on the web site you might be about to use. DO NOT USE THAT SERVICE, Instead take your small business some place else the place they’ve higher safety choice.

  4. Use separate/devoted E-Mail addresses for accounts which might be necessary and are helpful and ensure the E-Mail service supplier has good safety measures/choices. U2F tokens, authenticator apps, Pr-Generated one time codes. ETC. No cellphone numbers.

  5. This What to do when sim swapping occurs to you Is what to do when sim swapping occurs to you Is a superb useful resource and a should learn on how to deal with it in the event you had been a sufferer, And what to do to keep away from BEING a sufferer.

  6. Get A Trezor, And management your individual keys and by no means go away important quantities of cash on an change irrespective of how protected and safe it appears. This one ought to have been #1 however to keep away from altering the unique thread to a lot I selected to amend the listing.

There is a lot extra you are able to do to shield your self however these are the solely ones that I can bear in mind now and I am certain readers will share different methods to safe our shit too and I will add them as they’re shared 🙂

And lastly, 15 days later.

My safety is revamped and beneath tremendous tight management and I obtained myself a Trezor Model T and my corns and funds are safu 🙂

Thank you when you’ve got made it this far 🙂

I want you the finest and hope you by no means have to undergo some shit like this ever in your life 🙂


I was targeted with a SIM-Swap Attack last night time as a result of my private information was leaked on Gatehub and partly due to my poor, lose and careless safety habits. I survived the assault with none losses (hopefully) by reacting and disabling my SIM-Card in time earlier than the attacker obtained to my accounts.

Disclaimer: This is a re-post, I posted and deleted the unique thread 14 days in the past as a result of I was afraid I gave out an excessive amount of info and I was nonetheless in disbelief :**)

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