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The Fed’s Losing Battle with Technological Deflation : Bitcoin

The Fed’s Losing Battle with Technological Deflation : Bitcoin


First off, let’s set the scene.

The inventory market is telling you nothing about the actual financial system anymore.

Economic fundamentals have by no means mattered as little for the inventory market as has been the case throughout this 11-year bull market.

The correlation between gross-domestic-product development and the route of the S&P 500 Index has solely been 7% on this cycle – traditionally it has been 30% to 70%.


Well, it’s the Central Banks, led by the Fed, who printed their method out of the Recession in ’08.

In doing so, they’ve papered over the cracks, and we have now seen the longest financial enlargement is US historical past.

However, this isn’t a very meritocratic course of: cash creation itself will increase inequality through the Cantillon Effect, as cash printing results in asset worth inflation, which disproportionately advantages the wealthy and hurts the poor.

Former Federal Reserve Chairman Paul Volcker informed the New York Times in 2018:

“The central concern is we’re growing right into a plutocracy. We’ve acquired an unlimited variety of enormously wealthy those who have satisfied themselves that they’re wealthy as a result of they’re good and constructive.”

The actuality after all is that that is largely not the case – it’s as a result of the sport is rigged of their favour.

Now, you will need to emphasise the truth that the trail we have now taken has resulted within the highest dwelling requirements we have now seen in human historical past.

However, the problem, notably because the US utterly deserted the gold normal in 1971, is that debt has exploded to obscene ranges.

We usually are not working in a free market if it takes $185 trillion of debt over the past 20 years to create ‘development’.

In truth, the worldwide debt to GDP ratio hit an all-time excessive of 322% within the third quarter of 2019.

Inflation signifies that your greenback loses worth and thus your buying energy goes down.

Deflation signifies that the worth of your greenback goes up and your buying energy goes up.

That’s factor proper? You get extra items and companies for much less.

Well, no.

If you could have deflation, debt explodes in actual phrases and you’ll by no means pay it again.

As the financial system relies on debt, in case you enable deflation, then it’s important to reset the debt. 

This is why central banks worry deflation a lot.

However, the main drive driving the human race is technological progress – and this stops for no mortal…


The elevated abundance created by know-how will end in large job losses.

Throughout historical past, doom porn lovers have screamed that the machines are coming for jobs. This is not a brand new phenomenon.

All technological revolutions are deflationary – since they create “provide facet shocks”, that means that they permit for extra intensive use of sources and thus larger manufacturing. With extra items being produced, all different issues being equal, the worth of these items will fall. 

In the final 20 years or so, software program has disrupted and changed many established items and companies.

It is within the subsequent 20 years that one other disruptive know-how is ready to take the stage: AI

According to Steve Schwarzman, the co-founder and CEO of The Blackstone Group who has a web value of $17.6BN, “This goes to the touch everybody’s life….you are not going to have the ability to get away from this know-how”

Moreover, this virus will solely speed up this pattern in the direction of tech. Zoom is a incredible instance of precisely this.

Old legacy financial programs weren’t constructed for this tech deflation, and the factor about exponential development is that we people don’t intuitively perceive it. 

As an instance, in case you folded a bit of paper 50 instances, after all you may solely fold it seven instances, however in case you may fold it 50 instances, it might attain the Sun!


The query is: how does this play out?

In the long run, it’s the elementary construction of the financial system that has a big influence on individuals’s lives, not who’s President for four to eight years.

In actuality, politicians have restricted energy and are successfully all puppets. We have seen what occurs when a President would not keep of their lane

One may argue that the 2 foremost mechanisms of management are:

  1. Divide and Conquer and

  2. Order from Chaos

As we have now seen many instances previously, herd psychology is worryingly straightforward to govern

Speaking of the censorship, in his ebook Antifragile, Nassim Taleb discusses the anti fragility of data. 

Information feeds extra on makes an attempt to hurt it than it does on efforts to put it on the market.

A incredible instance of this course of is what has occurred within the final week with London Real: they had been banned on LinkedIn and David Icke’s interview was censored. Now, no matter what you consider this specific channel or your ideas on David Icke and the theories offered, censoring info on this method really spreads it extra virally.

It’s fascinating to watch what number of views the movies relating to the bans and censorship have relative to the others. And the influence this has had on subscribers.

It is all the time simpler accountable a much bigger enemy (or create a brand new one) somewhat than to confess it is a structural drawback.

Therefore, you keep away from brief time period ache…no matter the price.

The actual query is if and when this example will result in social unrest


The depth and width of jobs impacted by AI will proceed to extend sooner or later, now this is not going to essentially occur immediately.

However, our transition from commodity capitalism to mental capitalism in inevitable and the individuals and nations who battle in opposition to this pattern can be on the unsuitable facet of historical past.

From a sensible funding perspective, and disclaimer this isn’t funding recommendation, community results are an important side to think about transferring forwards.

Essentially, which means that the worth of the community will increase with every extra consumer – all the tech monopolies have exhibited this property.

An asset which may in time display very sturdy community results is Bitcoin.

Looking on the market cap relative to different asset lessons, Bitcoin gives an uneven funding alternative.

Only time will inform…


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