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Why should any American company ever act responsibly again? : CryptoCurrency

Why should any American company ever act responsibly once more? : CryptoCurrency

Whats the purpose of excellent company governance and monetary accountability? The corporations that leveraged themselves to the moon, did inventory buybacks to hyper-inflate their inventory value, stay on fixed debt as a substitute of excellent stability sheets at the moment are being bailed out by limitless QE. Free cash to cowl your errors. Why would anybody run a great enterprise ever once more? Just cheat and scheme and get bailed out later.

Edit: I’m really honored to be the #1 put up on WSB. To get validation from you autists and retards, the best American technology, is the height second of my life. Thank you all.

Edit 2: Many of you might be saying this put up is socialist. It is anti-capitalist. It is anti-wall road. It is none of that. My put up is in truth about fixing capitalism so it’s performed the precise method. Don’t reward corporations which can be managed poorly and do not make investments their income correctly. Capitalism is about survival of the fittest and rewarding the winners not the schemers and cheaters. I might moderately have a worthwhile company that pays its staff livable wages, would not use sweat store labor, would not pollute the environment, offers good high quality healthcare, paid household depart, sick depart, maternity/paternity depart, reinvests in enhancing infrastructure, retains low debt to fairness, and has a 12 month emergency fund for a black swan occasion. Not corporations that give all the cash to the CEO and Board and nothing to the employees, do inventory buy-backs with income as a substitute of enhancing infrastructure or saving for emergency funds. Let the grasping poorly run corporations fail so we will make investments solely in good high quality corporations that deal with their staff effectively. We will all make tons of income out there with effectively run corporations and fundamental road America can even be capable of stay a good high quality life.

Edit three: I’m not a salty bear. In truth I need the market to do effectively. But this isn’t the way in which. Bailing out weak corporations that did not save for a black swan occasion due to CEO greed is simply making this bubble larger and larger and it’ll solely pop worse in a while. JPow will smash our market and the financial system with this pretend bubble along with his printer. Let the market be free so we will shed weak corporations and true capitalism can see an increase of the robust corporations and the market can moon once more.

JPow and his printer are actually serving to the Wall road elite. Jpow would not care about you. Now the tax payers are bailing out shadow banking. Junk bonds are dangerous loans that personal fairness, hedge funds, and different shadow banking establishments give out to determined corporations that may’t get loans from common banks anymore. That’s why junk bonds are shadow banking as a substitute of conventional banking. JPow is utilizing his limitless printer to BAILOUT and provides free cash to the shadiest and greediest characters of wall road and society on the whole – non-public fairness, hedge fund managers, shady billionaires.

PE, hedgies, shady billionaires had been screwed as a result of the financial system simply halted and corporations had been going to default on these dangerous loans since that they had no income coming in. This is who JPow helps. He simply bailed all of them out by shopping for these dangerous junk bonds on the again of the American tax payer. You might develop into homeless and starve, however non-public fairness, hedge fund managers, and shady billionaires can be made entire by the fed.

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