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With Traditional Markets in Turmoil, AlphaPoint Transforms Assets – Bitcoin Magazine

With Traditional Markets in Turmoil, AlphaPoint Transforms Assets – Bitcoin Magazine

This is a sponsored article supplied by AlphaPoint.

In 2013, blockchain expertise was in its earliest phases. The Bitcoin white paper, ushering in this underlying expertise together with the world’s first cryptocurrency, had been printed solely 5 years earlier than and was simply starting to achieve traction in the broader world. At this dawning second, AlphaPoint started its personal journey to decentralize belongings of every kind and rework the normal market into one that’s safer, clear and fitted to the longer term.

AlphaPoint is a white label change and brokerage expertise service that has reached greater than 150 prospects throughout 35 international locations, finally serving greater than 1 million finish customers and facilitating greater than 100 million yearly trades for its shoppers. In this fashion, it’s a confirmed and established portal for accessing the way forward for wealth, asset possession and decentralization by facilitating the tokenization of belongings and launch of wanted marketplaces.

“Our white label exchange software means that we have developed software that our customers can use to launch their own exchanges and brokerages around the world quickly and with their own branding,” defined AlphaPoint CEO Igor Telyatnikov. “We were pioneers in the industry and were the first to provide such a solution in this space almost seven years ago.”

The Advantages of Decentralized Assets

Among the shoppers who’ve taken benefit of AlphaPoint’s choices to construct novel token economies is First Bullion. Operating underneath laws from the Cagayan Special Economic Zone (CEZA) in the Philippines, First Bullion is leveraging tokenization to open up a conventional asset market, enabling extra fluidity, effectivity and inclusivity in the community and increasing investor participation. It has performed a profitable token increase for a plantation of agarwood — one of the vital treasured and costly pure sources in the world.

By unlocking new worth creation alternatives, and by merely enhancing the normal strategy of asset distribution that monetary establishments have relied on for many years, AlphaPoint is providing options to an financial system that’s betraying cracks and inefficiencies now greater than ever.

“Traditional markets have exchanges, brokerages, clearinghouses, custodians and market makers, and we see those players more and more getting involved in the cryptocurrency space,” Telyatnikov mentioned. “At this moment in time, we are forcing the global population to go digital to an extent never before seen in history. It’s an interesting experiment, driven by a global health crisis we are watching closely to see the current financial infrastructure being tested significantly.”

Improving the Financial World in a Time of Crisis

Illustrated by the normal market turmoil attributable to the coronavirus outbreak, unprecedented stimulus from centralized forces just like the Federal Reserve and the eradication of conventional financial savings belongings, the world is prepared for another option to make investments in and safe wealth.

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“Securing and standardizing proof of ownership of assets is a huge advantage that could eventually resolve many issues globally and drive significant efficiency in commerce,” mentioned Telyatnikov. “Exchange of digital currency and assets can automatically track and audit transactions, follow approval workflows and eliminate the need for title insurance in the future.”

If and when the coronavirus epidemic is curbed, there’ll nonetheless be no placing the genie again in the bottle — the ruptures in our conventional monetary system have given option to a brand new period. People all over the world are being pressured to decentralize, financial stimulus is going on at unprecedented charges and we’re all monetary belongings in new methods.

“We believe the coming months and potentially years will put significant strain on national currencies and financial institutions which will make Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies attractive as countries grapple with recoveries for their local economies,” Telyatnikov concluded. “Our core mission is to enable access to digital currencies and the demand for those services has grown over the last seven years and will likely accelerate in the next seven.”

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